Our aim is to achieve natural looking results using cutting edge technology. Terri Cross , who is one of Australia’s most experienced medical laser specialists, offers light based treatments with either a Class IV medical laser or leading technology Healite to treat scaring, pigmentation, speed up the healing of open wounds, treat internal muscular and tissue pain, remove spider veins, cherry angiomas and port wine stains. Our Cutera Xeo medical laser system is also one of the most effective available for laser hair removal, and can treat all skin types, including dark skin tones.

Terri also has extensive experience in the on-going treatment of PCOS disorder and she is happy to offer a free consultation to discuss any of the cosmetic treatments available at Rosalie Milton Clinic.

Below are 3 photos of a patient of Terri’s showing how effective the medical laser is at removing a large Cherry Angioma.

  • Before Laser Treatment
  • Immediately After Laser Treatment

4 Weeks After Laser Treatment

We welcome new patients to our practice. At your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time so we can ensure your details are all entered into our system correctly. Please note that our clinic is upstairs, however, there is lift access if required. There are also a couple of pleasant cafés nearby if you feel like coffee or a quick bite.