The east coast of Australia has some of our country’s highest rates of skin cancer in Australia, including Melanomas. It is important to look after your skin, and we are happy to assist this by providing skin cancer checks and treatment of all forms of skin lesions using therapies such as creams, PDT* or excisions. Our doctors have special interests in skin medicine and undertake additional training to enhance their skills in this area.

*Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) utilises photosensitising agents, oxygen and light to create a photochemical reaction that selectively destroys cancer cells. Photosensitising agents are drugs which are administered onto the skin through topical application, they concentrate in cancer cells and only become active when light of a certain wavelength is directed onto the area of the skin where the cancer is. The photodynamic reaction between the photosensitising agent, light and oxygen kills the cancer cells.

We welcome new patients to our practice. At your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time so we can ensure your details are all entered into our system correctly. Please note that our clinic is upstairs, however, there is lift access if required. There are also a couple of pleasant cafés nearby if you feel like coffee or a quick bite.